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 在线上教学的这个特殊时期,Lia老师和她的学生们一直保持着非常密切的关系。她的在线课程以学生为中心,富有趣味性和吸引力, Lia老师也起到了非常好的榜样作用,尽管实际距离很远,但这使她的学生和她关系更加紧密。

 Lia has worked exceptionally close with her students during this special time of remote learning. Her online classes have been student centered, highly entertaining and engaging, and Lia and has proved to be a phenomenal role model bringing her students closer together despite being physically farther apart.



 Martin has exceeded in his homeroom teaching duties over the past month. Martin manages two we chat groups in order to be more available for his students and parents during this difficult time. Martin’s lessons focus on student centered work, and Martin makes himself available to guide his students during all hours of the day and evening always replying to student or parent questions and/or needs.



 As a young teacher, Mrs. Leanna has a quiet temperament. She takes her job seriously and never makes mistakes. During this epidemic period, all teachers worked at home. As a pregnant woman, she attended every class and carefully observed every student's study, and timely conducted psychological counseling for some special students, guided students to interact with teachers of various subjects, and develop good habits. In order to let students have books for online class in April, Mrs. Leanna went back to school to pack books for students, and carried them downstairs without any complaints. With the help of Miss Annie of the moral education department, all the books for students were moved to the designated place and handed over to the academic affairs department. She infected all of the students and parents with her dedication.



 As an experienced teacher of the school, Mrs. Hou has always been strict with herself and meticulous in her work. She has been praised by the parents for many times. She was facing the kindergarten students who may not even know what the internet is, but were going to start online learning. As a teacher, she also had to start online teaching, which brought her a lot of pressure. Teachers couldn’t force students to take online classes, but she encouraged and motivated her students effectively. During online teaching, it was hard for her to mobilize students by playing interactive games like they do in school. Instead, she tried her best to record some interesting videos frequently to arouse students' enthusiasm. She insisted on providing online Q & A everyday, so that students would not feel alone and helpless




 On the other hand,all her plans and those of her family were disrupted by the serious epidemic. Prevention and control work had been carried out in all provinces and cities, which made it impossible for Mrs. Hou’s family to get to Beijing, and her husband was still working during daytime. Mrs. Hou had to teach online and take care of her one-year-old baby at the same time. What was more unexpected was that the baby fell off the bed, resulting in multiple fractures of his fingers. So Mr. Hou had to take her baby to the hospital every day for infusion. At this moment, the students and parents in her class still needed her. What could she do? In order to ensure the course quality and avoid affecting students' learning progress, she decided to resign. With the academic and moral director’s support, she overcame the difficulties. During the day, she taught online in the hospital and prepared lessons after her baby fell asleep at night. Everything has been done excellently.

 Mrs. Hou mentioned this with a lump in her throat. She overcame the difficulties of various conditions. Her baby has left the hospital for home observation. The outbreak is coming under control. Her family members came to help to look after the baby, so she can finally have a good night’s sleep. She may play multiple roles in her life, as a teacher, she is excellent and has a strong sense of responsibility.

 Mrs. Hou’s quote on education:

 “Pass happiness to every child; make children's world more beautiful and wonderful.”



 In the four years since the first grade, she has been leading the students in this class with a very correct working attitude and meticulous work. In the four years, Mrs. Jill has won the Outstanding Homeroom Teacher Award for many times, and her class has also made many proud achievements in various school competitions. It's foreign teachers who teach the class, and new students are weak in English. So Mrs. Jill is always very patient to help translate to the students, and give scientific and comprehensive guidance to their parents. Mrs. Jill has an original intention to do education. She firmly believes that every child is a beautiful flower. Therefore, the learning atmosphere and cohesion of her class is becoming stronger and stronger.



 Ms. Liu Jing is the homeroom teacher of Fairmont grade 8.During the epidemic period, she insisted on reminding students to be ready for the online class at 8:00 every day, and entering the online meeting room to lead her students to do morning exercise according to the exercise videos provided by the personalized center of our school at 8:15. She led students to actively participate in fitness exercises, so that the students could be full of energy in the morning. In addition, in the process of daily communication with parents, she found that parents are particularly worried about the eyesight of students. Ms. Liu asked for help from director Lai of the moral education department. She adjusted students' time table, arranged an eye exercise in the morning and afternoon of each day, and guided students to look out of the window during the break time, which is helpful to alleviate the visual fatigue, and ensure the students' eye health. During the epidemic, not only the students were anxious, but also the parents had their own confusion, especially when they face to the students who are in grade 8, the parent-child relationship was particularly tense. When Ms. Liu knew that some families have parent-child conflicts, she spent the time after school to invite parents and students to have communication between three of them, and patiently sorted out the parent-child conflicts. She helped to relieve the relationship between parents and their children, and set up healthy and good growth goals together. After the sixth class every day, the eighth grade students in Fairmont still need to have a night study class in the conference room to complete the homework of the day, and do physical exercise again, so as to ensure the daily exercise volume. In the evening of each Monday, Ms. Liu Jing would explain the main topic of the class meeting to her students. Through the development of the current epidemic situation and hot topics, she cultivated the ability of students to think independently, and led students to share their opinions with each other, and help students form a positive three socialistic concepts.



 Mr. He Xin's class management was meticulous during the epidemic period. During the morning reading time, Mr. He conducted moral education and timely guided the students who were in a bad mood every day, which ensured that all students attended the class on time and there was no absence since the beginning of the online class, and the students' online class status has always been good. In terms of parents communication, Mr. He communicated with each parent once a week via we chat, to know the learning situation of the students in time, and cooperated with the parents to improve the online learning efficiency of the students, which achieved no negative evaluation during the survey.



 During the online teaching, Ms. Yofer was responsible for the management of the students from two classes. Every morning, she sent a reminder to the parents of two classes to remind the students to get up early, do morning exercise and prepare for class. She organized Chinese and English morning reading and class meeting every morning. She also followed the class with students all day to understand the students' learning situation, and organize the physical exercise and eye health exercise activities. She managed the classes meticulously, and contacted the students at the first time when they were late, or absent. She communicated with parents in time and solved the problem properly in the event that it happened many times.






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